January Jump Start

The Holidays are over and a few minutes of peace have.. oh wait never mind. School is back in session, schedules are back on track. January is a great time to clean house, organize, and start planning for the upcoming year.

Old Man Winter is howling at the door, and lounging by the pool seems like a distant memory, or maybe a dream. Did it happen? Was I there? But now is the time to take that dream and make it into a reality. If you are looking to have your backyard turned into your very own oasis, or an enhancement to the design you already have, January is a great time to contact your Landscape Designer. This provides us with sufficient time to not only create the design of your dreams, but to acquire the permits and other necessary documents.

Are you looking to have an oasis in your backyard, but don’t know where to start? Check out our before and after below!

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The Arctic Tundra

0278    The arctic tundra is upon us! Batten down the hatches!.. Maybe.. sorta… ok so. It is a another completely normal 1-3″. Which to us, up in the good ole North East, is more of an inconvenience than anything else. BUT, because there is always a but. This storm has a special little Valentine’s Day present.. negative temperatures.(yaye..just what I wanted.. ).


These colder temperatures (at least for me ) make you want to curl under a blanket and never emerge. But in under your blanket fort you can actually be very productive. Pinterest is a great way to start planning your 2016 year. Whether it’s reorganizing the garage, or reimagining your landscape. (Those cold temperatures make a Jacuzzi sound very enticing). Putting together a dream board/Pinterest board is a great step in the direction of making those dreams a reality. Houzz is also a fantastic website for homeowners looking for ideas,  or examples of how to transform their property. These visuals help your Landscape Designer truly understand what facets of design you wish to have created. Our website is also a great resource for those looking for inspiration, or for those who might know what they want, but cannot necessarily put it into words.





Beat the Winter Blues

In these harsh month of winter we find ourselves yearning for the warm sun and beckoning breeze. Some of us are lucky enough to jet off to a tropical paradise. But, if you are one of those stuck home in the frozen tundra, I have a few tips on how to beat away those winter blues with an ugly stick (Or a green one in this case).

3 Ways to keep the Winter Blues at Bay

  1. A Tropical Excursion

When jack frost is nipping at your nose, and has been for what feels like an eternity. It is time to venture somewhere warm. But for those of us who cannot find the time to get away, you might be surprised to find a tropical oasis so close to home. People tend to overlook the great feeling of walking into a greenhouse, or if you live in a city a Conservatory. The feeling of the dense humidity while being surrounded by lush greenery; flowerings bursting from their buds, beckoning you to take deep breaths of relaxation. It is a great day event for families. A lot of the time Conservatories will have little events or workshops to keep those little hands and minds busy. If you are in a more rural area, try the local greenhouse, and create your own fun.

     2. Green Thumbs Unite!

What is great about winter( I know..I know.  is there anything you can think of other than the Holiday season) is its a perfect time to plan. If you have a green thumb, or even if you do not, planning gives us a sense of accomplishment. Why not add planning a garden to your New Year to-do list. Living in the country with your own land.. ok we are not all farmers I get it. But growing flowers and vegetables in pots is relatively easy ( no corn ok.. just no). Fresh herbs are a great place to start. For one you can buy them at the local grocery store most of the time, and they can thrive for a little while indoors, before the cold temperatures break. I would advise to keep the little babies near windows with as much light as you can get. Italian Parsley, Rosemary, and Thyme are great cold hardy (not tolerant) herbs. The sight of greenery, along with the scent of fresh herbs, will brighten any home.

3. Speaking of Planning…

Winter is a great time to plan ( wait did I say that already??..). But it truly is! Redesigning your landscape is a great way to beat those blues. Meeting with a design team, creating a vision, and then the excitement of the new pool.. the new patio for entertaining.. the great outdoor kitchen he has always wanted. The possibilities are endless! At Ricupero, Inc. our talented designers can help make your ideas into a grand plan. Check out some of our completed work at http://www.ricuperos.com